Thursday, August 14, 2008

Havoc Launcher convertion

Howdy y'all

This is a conversion that I am working on for my new Black Legion Rhinos. Only 1.5 days until the big game so I am trying to cross all the I and dot all the T's. Thisis a fairly simple convertion. The body is from the chaos vehicle sprue, while the head/ skull I used is from the forge world servitor set. A simple skull would work just as well but with so many bits lying around, why not. To get the missle barrels I used a havoc launcher from the chaos sprue. I cut of the end barrels from each side, or I cut out the middle set of tubes. The havoc launcher that I used was assembled and so I cant say whether it was easier or not to cut the assembled one. I used the spiked armour plates from the Older chaos vehicle sprue for inbetween the missle tubes. I dont have the pictures of it but I will probably glue a undivided chaos star on the outside where the pivot hole is. I will post another entry when I paint it.