Thursday, August 14, 2008

Emergency Khorne Beserkers

That little d-bag in our game club decided to pull his WOrld Eaters out of the big game less than two weeks before the show down. Thats 2200 points in less than two weeks. Didnt happen but the club pulled together like something possessed with fervor! All right Im real sorry that I havent been able to post but ORganizing the Apoc is a really difficult thing to do. Its not all taking heads and evil laughter.

I was forced to paint these beserkers in the course of two nights. The first photo was after I sprayed the whole squad in a acceptable red and then started to pick out the detail that I would either leave black or paint silver metallic. OVer this last month and a half i have learned to paint shining gold very quickly and with as many shortcuts as possible. When you paint shining gold, it has a tendency to streak. I usually do my finer models with two coats of thined gold, but I didnt have that option here. The picture with the paint brush shows how loaded up the tip of the brush is when doing this type of painting. Caution, when doing thicker coats of metallics, you will lose some of the "crispness" of the details. However, since the next step is to ink the whole model with brown ink, nothing is really loss. I would not normally use the same color ink all over the model but it worked very well and time is money here when trying to destroy the imperium! Next and last would be the very control dry brushing of the bolt gun metal for the chains axe teeth, bolt pistols and chains on the torso and legs. oh yeah, then base them. Ta da, beserkers!


David said...

Nicely done for just 2 evenings!