Saturday, August 2, 2008

Alpha Legion Havoc Squad

Here are 8 figs that I am of course doing for the big game. Gotta get the alpha legion in there right. I am really surprised how much I like these guys. I hope that the color of the power armour comes through with the pics ive taken. I started by spraying with the same dark navy blue as I used in the Alpha legion rhino and with the whole TSONS army. I gave the havocs a dry brush, yeah I know a big surprise, with Snot Green from the GW line. Next I used black to paint certain parts of the armour trim, weapons and horns. I did this because I didnt know how well the metallic would turn out if I didnt. It turned out fine either way so I would suggest skipping it. I ran out of Boltgun metal so I used chainmail instead. It turned out to be a great choice. I painted the lenses of the helms a yellow because I believe that a good paint job needs broken up with some contrast and a red lense would not have been enough.

a note on the quality of the work. These figs are not by any stretch of the imagination done to a level that I prefer. There are simple getting done to play in the big game. After this logisitics nightmare is over, I will do a more advanced project on both convertion and painting. I think the next few posts will be about terrain. We will see, wont we?