Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thousand Sons rhino #2

I didnt give much instructions as to how I got the finished product on the last rhino, so I will trya nd do a better job on this one. I sprayed it the dark navy blue and did a heavy drybrush with a large brush using enchanted blue from the GW paint line. The first drybrush is to change the color of the model. Next I did a much lighter dry brush, again with the large size brush, using lightning blue from the GW line. This second dry brush is much more to actually highlight the model than the first drybrush.

The top hatch doors are very simple. I got the first line using a right triangle and flushing the top of the hatch and the triangle. To get the remaining parallel lines, I used a drafting ruler and made pencil marks at regular intervals starting from the first line. Do that on both the horizontal and vertical edges and then draw your lines from there. Layer up the stripes starting with a dark grey and then at least a fortress grey followed by a good quality white,(vallejo.) Golden yellow then end it with bad moon yellow and white highlights. I havent gotten to the yellow yet. We will see, these are loner rhinos for the big game so we will have to wait and see with priorities and all.
I did everything but spray the model, the metallic, and take the pictures one hour before I left for work. Completion time including spray 1.5 hours


Anonymous said...

I thought 1k sons rhinos were supposed to be floating by the power of tzeentch? much like discs of tzeentch and silver towers? why do yours have tracks??