Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rhino/ big game update

It looks like things are coming together now that we have everyone reporting in with point totals that are painted.

Here are a few pictures of one of the Rhinos that I am doing in order to get my Black Legion going. I am doing the hull designs because of a peer of mine in our gaming group. He does excellent free hand work and is really only a beginner @ painting 40k armies. Check out his blog. So far from what I have read, and seen, he offers great advice on painting Blood Angels.

Back to the Rhino. To do the designs I use a drafting ruler, a 90 degree triangle, and a circle template that I use for drafting. The design of the chaos star is fairly simple as long as you keep things centered. Create, in pencil, a center point that can be referenced throughout the drafting of the whole design. I often, but not always start on paper and then template it onto the model. That means cutting it out on paper and tracing it onto the model. I start with the circle and then usually move to one of the right angled arrows. If your doing the whole chaos star that wont matter as long as you have a right angle after the first one. you get the 45 degree arrows by using the 90 degree triangle and inverting it. Place the point on the center point in the circle and you have two 45 dgree angels. You will have to eyeball it so be careful.
One IMPORTANT thing to make it easier on you, try and leave off as many vehicle options as possible. If you want even shave off some of the misc. rivets that come onthe vehicles. put on the vehicle options after all freehand work is finished but before highlighting or final detail stages
Good luck!